March 31, 2020 Todd Moore

Solitude Purifies & Prepares!

Solitude Purifies & Prepares!

Reflections from Matthew 4

by Todd Moore

When God brings you to a place of solitude or isolation, prepare to be purified, strengthened, & equipped for what He's about to do through you!

Before Jesus began healing with a word, feeding multitudes with a sack lunch, & teaching people about the kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit led Him into forty days of solitude with no food & lots of temptation (Matthew 4).

There were many other godly people from scripture that were also led into periods & types of solitude or isolation before greater trials or assignments.  Consider:  Adam in the garden (Genesis 2); Joseph’s unjust imprisonment (Genesis 39-41); Moses on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 19); Elijah during a severe drought (I Kings 17); David in the wilderness shepherding sheep (I Samuel 17); & Jonah in the belly of the giant fish (Jonah 1), just to name a few.  The LORD led them into periods of isolation to reveal His power & nearness, purify their faith in Him, & equip them for the tasks ahead.

Isolation can be a tool of the enemy to weaken & disarm believers in Christ, but God often uses times of solitude to deepen our walk with Him, tune our hearts to Him, & strengthen us in ways that are needed for the coming days.

In our solitude, whether voluntary or involuntary, let us be courageous to deal with our past, be faithful stewards with the present, & prepare for what the LORD has next!  For as Christ was not alone in the wilderness, neither are we!

...and behold, angels came and were ministering to Him.

(Matthew 4:11)

And behold, I [Jesus] am with you always, to the end of the age.

(Matthew 28:20)