Our mission and purpose is to bring glory and renown to God only.

  1. Every decision & action is to be driven by and founded on our purpose to bring glory to God only (not to an organization, denomination, or individuals).
  2. Whether we work or play, enjoy comfort or suffer, live in plenty or in lack, our aim is to exalt Jesus Christ.

Making disciples of Jesus Christ is central to fulfilling our mission.

  1. We baptize believers into a new life of following Jesus Christ.
  2. We teach God’s Word to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.
  3. We demonstrate, through our daily life, how to follow Jesus Christ.

Reconciling people to God through Jesus Christ is critical for making disciples.

  1. We tell people the Gospel to restore them to God the Father through Jesus Christ.
  2. We labor to lead people to Jesus Christ that they will find forgiveness of sins.
  3. We live purposefully that our whole life may lead some to Jesus Christ.
  4. We strive to live by faith that we will not wander from God, but live in harmony with Him as a living and breathing testimony of God’s redeeming grace.

Loving God with our whole person is at the heart of everything.

  1. We commit ourselves to developing our talents, spiritual gifts, and abilities to reflect the greatness and glory of God.
  2. We steward our possessions not as owners, but care-takers of God’s resources for the pleasure of His will.
  3. We make every effort to walk in thankfulness and obedience to God according to His Word.

Loving others as God loves them goes hand in hand with loving God.

  1. We, as disciples of Jesus Christ, seek to love each other with the same love we’ve been shown by our compassionate Lord.
  2. We labor to show the love of God to others in our families, communities, region, and world.
  3. We fight against the destructive things that tear down God’s family, as well as, individuals.